Project Start Checklist

As a project manager, a project start checklist has been beneficial in helping me start projects without missing details or waiting too long to get other team members and suppliers working on a new project.

Here are some examples of what is on my project start checklist:

  • Create project folder on network drive and copy files from estimate folder.
  • Request baseline schedule from General Contractor (GC).
  • Establish dates to submit drawings.
  • Review bid documents, asking estimator about any early Requests for Information (RFI) that should be issued.
  • Review project specifications and highlight. Print copies for detailer.
  • Assess project review form (compiled by the estimator), add any missing information as necessary, type or scan form into project folder.
  • Generate work package and phase breakdown structure.
  • Create Schedule of Values (SOV)
  • Enter phases and estimates into project management software.
  • Determine buyout items.
  • Issue purchase orders for buyout items (examples: grating, railing, engineering).
  • Assign detailer to the project.
  • Enter work phases into detailing schedule.
  • Create submittal log.
  • Submit welder certifications, WPS and PQR as required.
  • Verify inspection requirements.
  • Obtain jobsite delivery address, contact person, and hours of operation.


My inspiration for creating this comes from the book The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande.

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