Training Checklist for a New Hire

This is an example of a checklist that I use for training and on-boarding of new hires. The checklist should be tailored to the position and department of the new hire.

Keep a separate template for project managers, detailers, estimators, etc. and be sure to review it for any changes needed before each new employee starts.

Review with the new hire on day one and review frequently as training is completed, at least weekly. As items are completed I add dates at the end of each line item as they are checked off.

Items checked off and dated as training is completed.

Microsoft Word has check-able boxes you can use. Above is a sample screen shot. If you’re interested in a copy of my template leave a comment below. If there is enough interest I’ll consider making it available for download.

New Hire Training Checklist


  • ☐ Job description review with supervisor
  • ☐ Read Company Quality Manual
  • ☐ Read AISC Code of Standard Practice
  • ☐ Company job folder structure,  network drive, file naming and storage standards, etc.
  • ☐ Company job, sequence and package numbering standard
  • ☐ Setting up a new job (job start checklist)
  • ☐ Shop tour
  • ☐ RFI processing checklist
  • ☐ Logs review (submittal, RFI, PCO, etc.)
  • ☐ Company shop drawing standards
  • ☐ Detailing process
  • ☐ Checking drawings process
  • ☐ Read NISD Detailing Book
  • ☐ Invoicing process
  • ☐ Purchasing process (nesting, vendor capabilities, writing PO, etc.)
  • ☐ Company Specific Software Overview (job management, accounting, etc.)
  • ☐ Review standard material lengths list
  • ☐ Time Card Process
  • ☐ Fabrication schedule process review
  • ☐ Review RACI Chart and job procedure responsibilities list
  • ☐ Watch Galvanizing Best Practices videos from Pacific Galvanizing
  • ☐ Review process of releasing a job for fabrication
  • ☐ Estimating Spreadsheet overview
  • ☐ PCO quoting
  • ☐ Vendor Tours
  • ☐ Close Job Process (job close checklist)

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