Suggested Reading List and Resources

List of recommended reading for project managers, estimators, detailers, fabricators, erectors, designers and other personnel in the structural steel and miscellaneous metals industry. Many of these are must read if you work in the structural steel and miscellaneous metals industry as a fabricator or erector. You don’t know what you don’t know until you read… Read More

Estimating: Strategy & Procedures

Notes taken from an AISC Steel Conference session. Material by Hillsdale Fabricators. Types of Estimates Lump Sum Design Build GMP = Guaranteed Maximum Price T&M = (know what your costs really are!) Budgetary Go vs. No-Go Decision Process Rate each bid opportunity on a scale from 1-10. Compare and rate each bid opportunity to past… Read More

Qualities of the Best Project Manager in the World

Knowledge Project Management practices Industry specific, e.g. codes, standards, laws, welding symbols, etc. Trade specific, e.g. math, programming, graphic design, mechanical design, etc. General skills, e.g. excel, writing, etc Negotiation practices Performance Responsive Communication Decision making (seeks advice) Continuous Improvement Logs up-to-date, tracks all pertinent information Project review Change orders, effectively identify and collect Write… Read More